Vote 2020

Our municipal program

The FREE VOTERS – the original – and genuine – for Rheda-Wiedenbrück
Competent and close to the citizen with over 30 years of experience in local politics.

Free – independent and especially close to the citizens! No pressure from party headquarters – like the classical political parties – who must obey commands of leaders from far away – and stick to their party programs.

Working for the benefit of all of us.
As in the past, the Free Voters – FWG – will put all their effort to achieve that citizen‘ expectations towards the municipal administration and the regional politicians are met!

What do citizens expect from the municipal administration?

  • Less bureaucracy
  • True answers and not lame excuses
  • Fast and more understandable decisions
  • Going through fire for our city and the citizens
  • Treat visitors kindly, get involved with heart and mind
  • Increase staff feeling responsible by lesser hierarchy levels
  • Ensure flexible working hours and extended home-office opportunities
  • Administrative staff shall live in this city – to participate in people’s daily lives
  • Avoid official language – the common people do not understand
  • Open office doors and worker-friendly opening hours
  • Act purposefully and economically
  • We are all in the same boat

What does the citizen expect from politics?

  • Highest transparency
  • Driving digitalization faster
  • Fight for affordable housing – now
  • Ensure street safety and wellbeing
  • Built budget reserves for difficult times
  • Ice rink on Rathausplatz Rheda from January to February
  • Guarantee access for the public to all committee levels
  • Councilors shall not seek personal or professional benefits
  • Kindergarten fees shall be sponsored by the federal state
  • Promoting companies who will employ qualified staff
  • Citizen participation in decision-making processes
  • Make decisions only with a firm time schedule
  • Increase housing standards for migrant workers
  • Promoting club life according to clear rules
  • Facilities standard in all schools are unison
  • Courage to make unpopular decisions
  • Helping people help themselves
  • Defining objectives together with the citizens, for a better future

If you want all of this, you must vote for the FWG